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Myanmar - Burma

Myanmar diving is exploratory frontier diving with regular discoveries of new sites. One of the main attractions here is to dive into the unknown. The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar comprises about 800 small islands. Some islands in Burma offer huge boulders, soft corals, sea fans, as well as wall diving, caves and drop-offs. The Merqui Archipelago has remained relatively untouched by the passage of time this past half century. Shark encounters are virtually guaranteed. Two metre nurse sharks are frequently seen, with occasional silvertip, shark sightings. Other marine life include grey reef and white tip sharks. Schools of mobula rays are also frequently seen. Burma diving is equally attractive to macro enthusiasts too, with plentiful nudibranchs, clown frogfish, ghost pipefish, ribbon eels, as well as masses of lobsters, crabs, and shrimps In fact, these's far more diversity in Myanmar Burma than in the more popular Thailand dive destinations. The best time in Myanmar is from December to April, with whale sharks and manta rays from February to April.

Diving Thailand Liveaboard

MV Sai Mai Phuket Liveaboard

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Live aboard diving on the MV Sai Mai

Liveaboard diving to the Similan Islands and Hin Daeng in Thailand
and Merqui Archipelago in Myanmar / Burma

If you ever dreamed of extraordinary diving and the luxury of small group of max. 6-8 guests, personal attention, customer orientated dive scheduling and planning instead of being herded in and out of the water like cattle, look no further. We will take you on a live aboard around Similan Islands, Hin Daeng and the Merqui Archipelago in Burma.

We are specialized in several kinds of live aboard diving cruises in Thailand and Myanmar, where great value is given to small groups, to safety and of course also to fun.  The  live aboard with our MV Sai Mai,  equipped conforming international safety standards, to the Similan / Surin Islands, the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar take place under personal management.

Max 6-8 guests guarantee a comfortable atmosphere
Dive groups of max. 4-6 people for your safety
Double or twin cabins with private bathrooms
Best prices for full charter and groups

In addition, we offer day tours to the best of Phuket's dive sites and PADI dive courses from beginner until professional

Whether you need a accommodation, transfers, local knowledge or anything else we are pleased to help you. All this is because top quality customer service is our first priority in order to guarantee our guests a relaxed holiday

Have fun when surfing our website :) 

The MV Sai Mai Team

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MV Sai Mai
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Diving Similan Island
The Similans are nine granite islands with tropical jungle, and a clear blue tropical ocean and blessed with fine beaches. They lie in a 25 km long north-south chain, 65 km offshore from Phang Nga
Province in the Andaman Sea, The eastern side of theSimilan Islands provide beautiful hard coral gardens in the shallows reef banks down to thirty metres. Some dive places offer coral heads rise from the sea bed and are blanketed with soft corals, fan corals, and swarms of tropical fish. The western side of the Similans offer more exciting diving as currents swirl around huge granite boulders, which form a series of arches and tunnels Between, this boulder enormous rocks you find colourful soft corals. In the channels sea fans grow to three metres across. For photographers and lovers of marine life, the diving in the Similan Islands offers a variety of tropical fish. Leopard sharks make appearances on a regular basis and you also see whitetip sharks. You may find anything from tiny ghost pipe fish to turtles and giant parrot fish. The best time for Diving Thailand is from November to April, with whale sharks and manta rays from February to April.